The Dark Moon series

Main books

Blood of the Dark Moon – book 1 – available again on Amazon soon!
Shadows of the Dark Moon – book 2 – coming soon

Short stories and novellas

Blood and Mint Chocolates (novella) – available again on Amazon soon!
Blood and Spice (novella) – sequel to Blood and Mint Chocolates – coming soon

The Longest Night (holiday short) – out of print
A Memory On Record (holiday short) – out of print

The Oath series

These were released as little ebook shorts, and will eventually be combined into a single release.

Book 1 – Bound
Book 2 – Summoned
Book 3 – Broken
Book 4 – Anointed
Book 5 – Union

Other short stories and novellas

Dawn of the Seraphs – out of print


To Love and To Cherish

My Big Fat Greek Pagan Lesbian Wedding – out of print

Mammoth Book of Hot Romance

Love Under Will – Amazon

Sapphic Signs

Pisces – out of print

Dreams and Desires, vol 4

Catch the Touch of Blue – out of print