New Cover Art For Blood Of The Dark Moon!

I now have the cover art for the updated edition of Blood of the Dark Moon! For the first time both the book series and the number will be on the cover.

While the second book is indeed being worked on, a third after is certainly in the realm of possibility. And there are a number of short works I’ll be updating as well and preparing to put back in print.

Now I get to update the collage of book covers that this work has had since its first release:

Like with the last release, Blood of the Dark Moon will be available in both ebook and print. I’ll also be adding an additional chapter or two in this updated edition which was meant for a short story that I unfortunately never finished. It’ll be extremely relevant both to the second book and to expanding the mythology of the Dark Moon series as a whole. And it’ll explain a particular part of the book that was left hanging with more questions than answers. I hope that people will enjoy it!

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