I’m the author formerly known as Adrianne Brennan. I took a lengthy hiatus for a variety of reasons from my writing, and am slowly in the process of figuring out how to get some of my works available again for purchase.

As some of you may know, the main publisher I was originally with for The Dark Moon series and other works of mine closed down in 2017, and the rights to my works were reverted back to me. At the moment I’m in the process of going through the motions to self publish them and also get the sequel to Blood of the Dark Moon out there at last. Between the pandemic and various personal issues, the delay in getting this all wrapped up has been substantial but it’s underway at long last.

Since I had taken down my old website a long time ago it seemed like a good time with the name change to finally dust off some old social media profiles and also create some new ones. In addition to my FB page and profile, you can also find me over at Mastodon at @AjBrennan@universeodon.com. I’ve also very reluctantly dusted off my Twitter account and renamed my account, but I can’t guarantee with all of the changes there in the past few years or so that I’ll be over on there often.

I plan to use my blog to share updates as I get back into the writing business, talk about my books as well as writing in general, and to discuss whatever topics are relevant to my works.

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